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Our Mission

We, the young people of Cincinnati, founded Young Activists Coalition to fight for a better and more equitable world for all people. YAC understands that the world we strive for must include an economy and a government that works for the people. We are willing to utilize any and all non-violent action to achieve this change-including protests, sit-ins, educational events, town halls, or other non-violent methods that will create justice. YAC approaches this fight with an intersectional lens. We demand justice for all marginalized communities, for communities of color, for the queer community, for religious and non-religious communities, for the disabled community, and for those lacking socioeconomic privilege. We, the members of YAC, are optimistic that we can and will build a better world and a better tomorrow for us all.

Fighting for Climate Justice

Fighting for Immigration Justice

Fighting for Safe Communities

Fighting for Queer Liberation

Fighting for Reproductive Rights

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