Month: September 2020

The Democrats Will Not Save Us

There is a common misconception in liberal politics that racism is exclusive to one party: the evil Republicans who orchestrate systemic racism all by their lonesome. The truth, as with many things in the political scene, is infinitely worse. In reality, the majority of both Democratic and Republican politicians serve and protect the racist institutions upon which this country was built. It is, unfortunately, in their job description. We do not have to look further than our own city limits to see proof of this; we, as activists, cannot ignore the evils of our city council simply because they have that oh so magical “D” next to their names.

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Introducing The Fix Our Schools Campaign

Young Activists Coalition has been a powerful force in the organizing community of Cincinnati for the past four years. We have spent much of this time focusing on the big issues affecting our nation and state, including gun violence, the climate crisis, reproductive healthcare, income inequality, and more. We’ve done our best to ensure that young people have had a say in and the ability to stand up proudly for the things we believe in, but in doing so, we have inadvertently ignored some of the issues that affect young, high school students the most. We never tackled the issues that we face from 8 AM to 3 PM, 5 days a week. We never tackled the fact that cops with guns are in our schools. We never tackled the complete lack of mental health resources available in schools. And we most certainly never tackled the roles our schools play in enforcing the racist school-to-prison pipeline through the implementation of zero tolerance and punitive policies. We, the members of Young Activists Coalition, will never make the mistake of ignoring how broken our schools are ever again.

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