Our Team

Yousuf MunirPresident

Yousuf (he/him) is a proud Muslim-American who has lived in Cincinnati for most of his life. He has been organizing with Young Activists Coalition for four years. Since then, he has organized walk-outs, educational events, rallies, protests, and more to fight for a society where all people are protected. He is a fierce believer in direct action and mutual aid as revolutionary forms of community organizing, and the only true means to enact change. Yousuf understands that to tear down the current system and build a new one, we need to organize out of love and protect each other as much as we desire to be protected.

Owen DericoVice President

Owen (He/Him) is a sixteen year old from Cincinnati who has been organizing with the Young Activists Coalition since early 2020. While his special concerns lie in the state of economic inequality, the present reality of the climate crisis, and, considering his own identity, LGBTQ+ issues, Owen believes firmly in the necessity of a truly broad intersectional lens through which to view all forms of injustice. Though his personal specialties lie in graphic design and media criticism from a leftist perspective, he is directly involved both in organizing and outreach for YAC.

Kayla ReidyDirector of Communications

Kayla (she/her) has been organizing with Young Activists Coalition for three years. She began her work in organizing through the gun violence prevention movement, but has since become passionate about a wide variety of topics. The most important thing to Kayla when doing organizing work is to ensure that all issues are viewed through an intersectional lens, because only when our most marginalized communities are truly liberated can our society be truly just.

Luke EarlyDirector of Art & Design

Luke (he/him) is an organizer with Young Activists Coalition and Ohio Youths for Climate Justice. He first was was introduced to grassroots activism in 2018 with the gun control movement. Inspired by the September and November Climate Strikes, Luke entered into YAC to organize community-oriented efforts against systemic oppression that focus on intersectionality and direct action. The system as it is is broken and cannot remain. It is only through proactive organizing that the much needed change will be realized.

Bella GordoStudent Ambassador Coordinator

Bella Gordo (she/her) is an organizer with Young Activists Coalition and Ohio Youth for Climate Justice. She joined YAC with fighting for racial justice in mind, but was introduced to other issues such as climate change. Bella has learned that without justice for all there can be justice for none. She is passionate about educating her fellow students in Cincinnati, and elevating their voices. She cannot wait to see what YAC will accomplish in the near future.

Robbie BlankenshipSecretary

Robbie (she/her) has been an organizer with Young Activists Coalition and Ohio Youths for Climate Justice for about a year. She started off organizing for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, but since joining YAC has become very passionate about racial inequalities, the climate crisis and LGBTQ+ issues. One of Robbie’s biggest goals is to help every youth activist recognize their importance to the causes they’re fighting for because she believes marginalized communities can not be helped without them. She is very excited for this upcoming year of activism with YAC.